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Interconnecting multiple Lithium-Ion Cells is a vital stage in any battery pack manufacturing process. Choosing the right technology for this process can greatly improve the final performance and lifecycle of the battery pack.

While welding technologies are the go-to option for many manufacturers due to the initial low capital investment, its obvious shortcomings are usually ignored which leads to compromise on pack quality, power efficiency, and employee safety, costing the manufacturer in the long run.

Many high-end manufacturers are now shifting to alternatives such as Ultrasonic Wire bonding technologies. They use an ultrasonic frequency (vibration) to safely bond the wire to the cell surface at room temperature. This keeps the integrity of the cell intact improving its lifecycle while ensuring superior bond quality and many other advantages. Some of its advantages are as follows::

  • Cheaper per bond cost.

  • Fast, customizable, and scalable solutions.

  • Cell Surface level connection.

  • The wire is cold welded at room temperature.

  • No impact on the structural integrity of the cells.

  • Reworkable and repairable bonds (Less cell wastage).

  • Low power consumption.

One company that has pioneered this technology is the Austria-based F&S Bondtec.

Product Showcase

The Ground-breaking F&S BONDTEC Automatic Ultrasonic Wire Bonder - Series 86.

The F&S BONDTEC Ultrasonic Wire bonders - Series 86 provides automated all-in-one solutions for your battery pack manufacturing. Once your cells are secured in their spacers, the rest of the process is automated. The machine comes with exchangeable bond heads that compensate for any debris on the cell surface, uses a CO2 jet to clean the cell surface, interconnects the cells with wire of multiple configurations then pull/shear tests the bond quality to confirm the bond strength. Its best-in-class pattern recognition combined with precise engineering ensures class-leading automation that can deliver unparalleled quality with reliability.


F&S Bondtec (Austria) has officially partnered with Bangalore-based Global Marketing Services (GMS) to make their solutions officially accessible to Indian Manufacturers. GMS is a reputed company with over 2 decades of expertise in providing wire bonding solutions to the semiconductor industry in the field of EV's, Microelectronics, MEMS, Space Solar and in IR imaging applications. GMS has an in-house team of experts with core domain knowledge, a lab for prototyping, and decades of experience in this field.

How can your company confidently leverage this groundbreaking technology?

You can engage with GMS in the following ways to ensure a smooth transition to Ultrasonic Wire Bonding.

1) Your technical team will work with GMS Pre-sales team to generate a TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) report that will be tailor-made for your design keeping your battery specifications and manufacturing facilities in mind. This will help you get an overview of the ROI.

2) You can then ship your first batch of batteries to GMS. Get them wire bonded using this technology (at a per bond cost). Your technical team can then test the performance, review the design, and optimize different configurations with the help of their onsite experts.

This will help a manufacturer accurately understand the advantages of transitioning to this technology. You can engage with GMS from their website or by reaching out to their National Discovery Head at +91 96208 34777.

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Sudhir Tatavarti

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GMS has been closely involved in semiconductor and microelectronics core component manufacturing for over 20 years. Wire bonding in particular is one such technology that has been adapted from our semiconductor industry to build automated scalable lithium battery packs.

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