World has turned flat – thanks to the multifold growth in Satellite communication, internet, desktop computing,and mobile telephony. Innovation in semiconductor technology has been one of the key drivers for this growth. With its rich base of research institutions and various electronics manufacturing companies, India, has emerged to be a hub of innovation in MEMS, Solar and Microelectronics technologies.

Sourcing the right semiconductor equipment and manufacturing processes has always been a complex process. Companies find it a challenge to find the right partner who provides technology consulting and efficient product procurement.
Global Marketing Services, has been playing a major role in addressing this bottleneck. GMS brings along vast industrial experience and expertise. Over the years GMS, has established successful relationship with some of the leading solution providers and manufacturers of semicon technology in processes and device assembly solutions. GMS adds value to its customers through consultancy, procurement and after sales support.


Presales Consulting

Good process knowledge that comes

handy in recommending the right

equipment or materials based on

the application.


GMS has strategic tie-ups with

some of the leading technology

companies across the globe.

Some of these companies are

trendsetters and innovators in

the Semiconductors Industry. 

After Sales Support

Have trained manpower

to handle maintenance

of various equipment. 


EN Technologies develops and manufactures power supplies and electric power switchgears, as well as chipsets and devices for wireless internet. Power supplies are used for LCDs, semiconductors, mobile phones and solar batteries.

GMS offers a wide range of high quality equipment for semiconductor and MEMS device fabrication and assembly, which includes Photolithography, Etching, Electroplating, Wafer Grinding and Polishing, Wire Bonders, Sealing and other equipment.

GMS-India’s strength has been in making specialized and top quality materials available for the semiconductor and MEMS markets like Wafers, Photoresists, Photomasks, customized Packages, special Metallized Substrates and many other hard-to-find materials.