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GMS ACCELERATE is our STARTUP accelerator program.
Come to us with your goals! Our experts will help you design comprehensive and all-encompassing approaches to achieving them. From design and development to prototyping and production, we have got you covered.


Our team of industry experts reviews the product design, checking it for mistake and scaling up. Product design review by our team of industry experts, evaluation for scaling and errors.


Develop your designs with the assistance of our own expertise and our global network of partners to meet all the specifications and requirements of the finished product.


Optimize your designs by creating and testing prototypes in our well-equipped lab with the assistance of our team of skilled experts.


Plan, partner with, and create a production strategy from proof of concept to full-scale production to achieve the business objectives of your startup.

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3rd floor, 1, Sharadanagar, Uttarahalli Main Rd, Vasanthapura, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560061
080 2666 5684/5

GMS has been closely involved in semiconductor and microelectronics core component manufacturing for over 20 years. Wire bonding in particular is one such technology that has been adapted from our semiconductor industry to build automated scalable lithium battery packs.

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