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Managing new tech and next-gen systems can be an enduring difficulty for optimization. While our team of specialists develop ways to address this challenge for improved performance, companies can concentrate on other innovative challenges and growth opportunities. To stay competitive, there is a pressing need to develop practices and solutions that can keep costs low and create reliable improvements for success.

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India's 1st Exclusive

Clean Room with state of the art equipment


GMS-India is proud to present over 4000sq/ft of In-House Clean rooms for all your prototyping and testing needs.

Our clean rooms are equipped with State-Of-The-Art equipments and are designed to adhere to the FS209E Class 8 and ISO Class 3 standards, ensuring we deliver the best value to our customers.

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Welcome to Global Marketing Services (GMS). We are a leading solution provider based out of Bangalore, offering a wide range of equipment, individual components, and materials for EV Batteries, PCB's, Thin Films, Semiconductors, Microelectronics, MEMS, LED, and Solar applications for device manufacturing and research organizations in India. Over the years, GMS has been a part of various prestigious projects in India, which has resulted in our team gaining significant experience and exposure to some of the best semiconductor technologies, products, and processes.

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GMS has been closely involved in semiconductor and microelectronics core component manufacturing for over 20 years. Wire bonding in particular is one such technology that has been adapted from our semiconductor industry to build automated scalable lithium battery packs.

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