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How to effectively adapt your manufacturing process to a new battery bonding technology?

How can your company confidently leverage groundbreaking technologies?

You can engage with GMS in the following ways to ensure a smooth transition to Ultrasonic Wire Bonding, laser bonding or other related services.

1) Your technical team will work with GMS Pre-sales team to generate a TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) report that will be tailor-made for your design keeping your battery specifications and manufacturing facilities in mind. This will help you get an overview of the ROI.

2) You can then ship your first batch of batteries to GMS. Get them wire bonded using this technology (at a per bond cost). Your technical team can then test the performance, review the design, and optimize different configurations with the help of their onsite experts.

This will help a manufacturer accurately understand the advantages of transitioning to this technology. You can engage with GMS from their website or by reaching out to their National Discovery Head at +91 96208 34777.

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GMS has been closely involved in semiconductor and microelectronics core component manufacturing for over 20 years. Wire bonding in particular is one such technology that has been adapted from our semiconductor industry to build automated scalable lithium battery packs.

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