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ClassOne’s Next-gen SoftSeal Plating Rotor Enhances Performance of Solstice Electroplating Systems

"The ‘SoftSeal’ name comes from its high-performance FFKM elastomer seal which very effectively isolates plating chemistries from the wafer’s edge-exclusion zone. The new rotor also adapts automatically to substrate thickness, so it can accept thick or thin substrates without any adjustment. The design accommodates both flatted and multi-flat wafers, and it’s customizable to non-standard wafer sizes. Plus, the seal is more robust than on competitive rotors, meaning longer part life and no handling concerns.”

 “And a unique design feature directs excess chemistry back into the bath at the end of the plating process. This is particularly important for conserving expensive plating baths such as gold. And, after processing, a special wafer retrieval method eliminates wafer flexing and stress by eliminating the need for extraction force at the center of the wafer.”


About ClassOne Technology

ClassOne Technology ( provides innovative wet-chemical processing equipment, including electroplaters, spin-rinse-dryers, spray solvent tools, and more. The company focuses on making advanced processing technology available to users of ≤200mm wafers, such as compound semiconductor and many emerging markets who traditionally have been underserved by the larger equipment manufacturers. ClassOne Technology’s equipment has become known for its unique combination of high performance, flexibility and cost-efficiency  Based in Kalispell, Montana, ClassOne Technology is built upon decades of experience from industry veterans in semiconductor processing. ClassOne Technology is a sister company to ClassOne Equipment (, the industry’s premier provider of refurbished name-brand processing tools, with over 2,500 systems installed worldwide.

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