Series 53xx Wire Bonder

Entry level bonders ideally suitable for R&D and Prototypes.

Multifunction Wire bonder including die attach and wire pull tester.

Possibility of Ball-Wedge (5310), Wedge-Wedge (5330) and Deep-Access Wedge-Wedge (5332) with just change of bonding tool.

Possibility of Heavy Wire (5350) and Heavy Ribbon (5350 HR) bonding with a different bond head.

Optional (5380) High placement accuracy with controlled force die pick and place capability.

Optional attachment for Wire pull testing of wires and ribbons.

Capable to handle thin wire from 0.7mil to thick wires and ribbons to suit most of the applications.

Programmable loop parameters, motorized Z movement with touch down sensor for high reliability bonding.

Demo machine available in Bangalore.